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Business Meeting

Final event

As part of the InCoop project, the last meeting was held and thus the last project output, which completed this two-year project. As part of the last output, we had an online call with project partners and members from the public sphere. Since this output was originally supposed to be made physically in Brussels in front of the European Commission, it was crucial to make the necessary changes in order to finish the project fully and in the correct manner.

This online call has been divided into several parts.

To begin with, the main partner of the project - Cluster of Regional Development headed by the director Mr. Turanský introduced the meeting and welcomed all participants. After the welcome, we moved on to the main program of the talk, which was the presentation of the project outputs by the partners who made it. In total, we heard 9 outputs made by 6 partners. Each partner had a presentation prepared where he explained the process and experience of mastering the given output.

After finishing the outputs, it was time to summarize the project. We are glad that all project outputs were carried out according to the plan and within the deadlines that were set.

We then ended the call with mutual thanks and praise for a job well done.



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