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A documentary film production

Production of the documentary is one of the most important outputs of the project along with the research. The movie production and its subsequent premier were carried out by a partner from Spain, La Cosecha.

About this output

Documentary movie production, one of the most important outputs of the project InCoop, which was carried out by Spanish partner La Cosecha was troublesome and long-lasting activity because of many unforeseen events that happened over the duration of the project, most importantly the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit the whole world.

Because of the covid, it has become extremely difficult for La Cosecha to carry out all necessary travels, film shootings, and interviews with relevant parties to complete the whole movie as quickly as it was expected. However, fortunately, it was completed and presented to the relevant audience according to the project requirements at later date.

Production consisted of mainly members of La Cosecha traveling around the EU and filming, interviewing, and researching municipalities and other relevant actors in regions that participated in the project itself. The second part of the production consisted of editing and adjusting the movie in the studio to display a message that the film is presenting as optimally as possible. 

This has of course required many different subsequent dialogs with respective municipalities and actors to achieve everything that was planned in the project.


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