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KRR attended documentary film presentation in Valencia

Association La Cosecha Comunicación, organised a International Day of Citizen Participation, during which the premiere of the documentary “The Power of Citizens’ Voice” made in the framework of the European project INCOOP: “Strenghtening Civic Participation in the Functioning of Inter-Municipal and Inter-Sectoral actors in Europe” happened. The documentary revolves around different stories recorded in Portugal, Croatia and Slovakia, where visitors were able to see how ordinary people, organizations and entities promote citizen participation in society. After the documentary the project leaders, KRR from Slovakia, CIM from the region of Coimbra, Portugal, the municipality of Ludbreg, Croatia and the association ACICOM from Valencià, presented their activities around this theme and then there was a round table around the theme of the documentary. This event was very enriching and all the visitors enjoyed it.


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