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Cluster of Regional Development in Portugal

The beginning of the second half of May 2022 was in the spirit of the implementation of KRR project activities in Portugal. Representatives of the KRR together with representatives of the cluster members and cluster partners participated in the project activity at the Portuguese University, where the Portuguese partners were presented with the research results within the InCoop project, implemented in the Europe for Citizens program. The Director of the Regional Development Cluster presented the current course of project activities. University students as well as representatives of the local government and the public were involved in the discussion.

The main discussion took place on the topic of comparing the results of the research and the discussants shared their experiences with the possibility of public involvement in the activities of local governments and the share of the possibility of public intervention in the life of local government. The discussion was excellently guided by prof. Faustino, the head of the research, who suggested that due to his interest in the topic, he would continue to present the activity at the next seminar.


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