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InCoop at the Agrokomplex exhibition center in Nitra

At the Agrokomplex exhibition center in Nitra, Klaster, as another activity, also implemented a project activity of the international project InCOOP. As part of the InCoop project, we fulfilled several goals with this event. First of all, we managed to present information and outputs of the project to the local government and entrepreneurs who participated in the educational seminar on April 7, 2022, and the presentation of the InCOOP project was one of the presentations. The next day, April 8, 20222, we continued with the most important project activity in the congress premises of the Agrokomplex, which was a meeting of project partners. The meeting was a combination of off line and on-line presentations. Representatives of the Regional Development Cluster, representatives of local self-government, representatives of the Roma self-government as well as representatives of entrepreneurs were present on behalf of the Slovak side. The conference was moderated by a professional moderator and civic expert, Mr. Peter Guštafík. We were connected with foreign project partners on the MS TEAMS platform and gradually presented the results of the project - the results of international research carried out by Portuguese partners, a documentary presented by Spanish partners and especially what we consider very important and successful, a moderated discussion took place. all participants. In particular, topics resonated about the perspectives of self-governing regions, their importance and how they are perceived by citizens. After the online meeting, the presentation of the InCOOP project continued with representatives of the Roma self-government and the general public. The large-scale production and presentation of KRR projects on the main outdoor stage and in the KRR presentation stand and Hall A, where visitors were, among other things, distributed information leaflets and small souvenirs on the InCOOP project, also served this purpose.


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